Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gene in the bottle (Alibaba IPO) is OOOUT and Flying

Much anticipated IPO Alibaba founded by Jack Ma (English Teacher) from China Mainland. Initial days of Alibaba Yahoo invested in Alibaba @25% . Current evaluation of the Firm is sized at 190 billions (Fluid estimate), growing faster than anyone can imagine. 

If amazon is the biggest online retail traded firm, Alibaba is combination of 9 amazons. Imagine that.

Actual companies List, Please find below.

It's a very good concept of Business to Business model spread in combination of countries and territories. Alibaba's 1 day sale over the period of 24 hours ($5.75 Billion). Potential for Yahoo is way more .

I believe there is a tremendous amount of growth for this stock . Alibaba's growth oriented management is doing great wonders with the business model and acquiring strong leaders.

Alibaba's Corporate mission :

  1. Client First
  2. Employee Second
  3. ShareHolders Third 
The thing that is impressive from the founder is he says I want every one wealthy trust us, and one more thing observed his 6000 of his employees/associates are becoming millionaires from this IPO.

I feel if Client and Employee Happy, Obviously shareholder don't have to worry about the management.

Things are looking exciting for the online retail industries with a potential reach to more audiences as the smart phone market tied up to Mobile commerce, process of buying and selling is click of button away.

Alibaba's 15 year back start has long ways to go --

Wish you best all share holders.

Note ** Opinions are purely personal :) You earn am happy, you loose am with you too 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Twitter IPO , are you IN or OUT ??

One More Social Media Mogul going into the Public Trading Space -- woot woot ( I Choose this color because it's the time to Twitter)

Twitter filed to SEC on this day of Friday 13th September 2013, Hushed up all the way until today about going public., Wow!! what a way Twitter does things amazed by the way they keep things under control and not get the proto types get leaked, Sorry!! They don't make products, Apple does , My Silly Jokes .. Sorry!! for the Interruption. Back to Twitter and doing things they do it, They have been talks going public way long back when I did not even have a gmail account, Sorry!! Twitter is not that old, pretty much way back from now.

Operations, Twitter is mass communicating messaging system with options to post pictures, Tony Wiener did once, still haunting him., Sorry!! about that posting pictures thing Mr. Wiener  It's powerful, It has the potential to move Stock Markets, shake regimes, bring people to send messages to the world with  one tweet. 

Audience ranging from celebrities to any one who has  a gps device (one more unintended joke) , any one who has a mobile phone with active connection. Potential is huge the market is still getting used to tweeting, the creators of this humongous platform have found ways to nestle their business plan between the daily user activity and mobile platform, ads and tweets that are customized to be a promotion and revenues from product makers.

Long run vision, I can guess not be sure about, growth is related to mobile usage totally, If only Twitter could make their business strategy to capture all that businesses could provide and connect business to consumer they could access tons of Money from direct source being the only medium as of now that could directly talk to each other via twitter. MOBILE is what they should be capturing. 

Groupon,Facebook,Yelp, LivingSocial, all do the same, But Twitter has more mojo to what they can do with what they have, You know what 10 billion dollar evaluation is what every Pre-IPO evaluators are looking at 670 million dollars in revenue (not confirmed). for a 670 million dollar company in the market evaluation the stocks currently are trading at 25-30 dollar range, I believe they would be launched at the same range, I can be wrong. I am a normal twitter user with a fan following of 60+ but who cares join me @ my twitter handle.

As I always say, buy and see, If gained happy for you, If lost you are with me . Your decision is final.

Monday, May 20, 2013

I believed in the Saying "Find , Where you Lost" , FNMA & My Story

Way back 2009, I started my stock trading with Fannie Mae stocks, I traded when the stock was around 23 dollars , which I felt was the 52 week low, I was in impression as any mediocre Investor would be, Thinking it is too big to go lower than that, At the same time I was facing financial troubles with Job slipping away from my hand, and a heavy mortgage, As much I was a fighter to hold what I had I was seeing my financial situation slip away from me, hoping to cash in some gains out of my savings, I started to put in more in Fannie Mae all my analysis was going wrong markets were out of control, then I got so annoyed and angry  that I wrote this article back in 2010, venting my anger that I will not buy any more of Fannie Mae.

If you want to hear me sob, read this post.

Continuing my regular life , moved into rental place after letting my possession of dream home, I compromised with life and downgraded myself. It's too big to hold for me at that moment of time, as things moved my investments in Tech stocks and other investments got me some liquid to hold on to, Like it or not the pretty anchors, the bald guys, the tuxedo news reader who read what the market can be with out thinking much speak to us, not all that comes out their mouth is true.,  Hoping to get zest of what they say, back of my mind I was always wandering about housing situation, as old sayings said, when It will fall It will bring everything down with it, but when It raises It will pull some of the hardworking with it.

Back to my article, last few months back I made a gut choice to pull in 10k of stocks for .39 cents, hoping I will loose all of it, Few weeks passed I for once was  amazed the return from a trade, when going gets tough, tough get going -- I will not loose trust on the fundamentals that made USA strong, I am an immigrant but have lot of respect for this country.

This is 2013 May 22nd, I hope to predict there is bright future for Housing market and US Economy showing a very positive sign,

With Love best wishes

Do you want to read about Ford ? And the Trade I did -- write your comments (Go Green :P)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tsunami Rise in Stock Markets - better Ride the wave

I wrote when the markets were about going down in 2008, now am writing in 2013 , whole 5 years later. As some one told me every 5 years there is a recession in US, I believe what they meant is every 5 years there is a change in markets, starts with down time and eventually peaks out.

Understanding Sine curve if you are investor, you can play with your investments in favor of you. 

When in Rome, be a Roman., Old saying which makes sense if you follow the one liner literally. How it affects our topic here is , current situation (May 2013) is a rising market, every week ever day has been a record -- what it means is heavy Bull Market. Riding wave like a surfer is a best bet, you should be able to guess which wave to tag along, Your gains might be small if you take a small wave still better than loses.., 

Are you settled for less, If yes you are in right playground. Unlike who is hungry and want to be a player, Casino Royal -007., You are up for big profits betting the market.