Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tsunami Rise in Stock Markets - better Ride the wave

I wrote when the markets were about going down in 2008, now am writing in 2013 , whole 5 years later. As some one told me every 5 years there is a recession in US, I believe what they meant is every 5 years there is a change in markets, starts with down time and eventually peaks out.

Understanding Sine curve if you are investor, you can play with your investments in favor of you. 

When in Rome, be a Roman., Old saying which makes sense if you follow the one liner literally. How it affects our topic here is , current situation (May 2013) is a rising market, every week ever day has been a record -- what it means is heavy Bull Market. Riding wave like a surfer is a best bet, you should be able to guess which wave to tag along, Your gains might be small if you take a small wave still better than loses.., 

Are you settled for less, If yes you are in right playground. Unlike who is hungry and want to be a player, Casino Royal -007., You are up for big profits betting the market.