Sunday, March 18, 2012

Buffet invests in Bank of America - 5 Billion dollars August 25 2011 Now its March 19 2012 Money is doubled

Mr. Warren Buffett , what makes this man so special, every investors living inspiration on how to follow the rules he always follows.

Let's get this clear.

  1. Invest when people are scared 
  2. Sell when people are buying
  3. Invest in the legacy of the product
  4. Invest in management
Point 1 :
He bought Bank of america and GE shares (5Billion dollars BOFA, GE- 7 Billion dollars) When world was treating these companies as trash, all the pundits in news channels are shouting don't go there never look into these banks, they are loosing money more than they are earning .... basically blah, blah, blah .... which registers in every mind as don't buy these infested companies.

while having sun bath, he gets a thought  to do it ... wow!!  I wish I can borrow his shower  head ...

He keeps selling, when everyone is happy about buying .. no one gives a haineee ..on what he is doing when things go right ... typical, I am feeling richer affect ... when in reality they are pouring money for another investor like Buffett..

Legacy of the product, Hey!!! him and coke are two synonyms, he drinks coke and shows off to the world that he is drinking coke, he has been doing that from the day he invested in coke, before he invested in Coke, he never gave a haineee... to it... , I am getting laugh myselves writting about his haineee..... Jokes apart, he carries his investment along with him and make sure he orders his product, how many of the current investor totally believe in the share that we put in, I watch Jim Cramer's MADMoney ... have heard questions from investors, are you going to follow him blindly ... he might be right, but not all what he says might be correct ... Legacy of the product.... I missed the bus for coffee stocks, I guess search out for some of those java stocks which gives dividends and have huge potential in long term.

Good example, My favorite dialogue from movie "Forrest Gump', which he says , my friend booba invested in a fruit stock which made me a "millionaire" , it was so spontaneous I laughed at the dialogue thinking as a joke, Hey!!! that was a message for an investor that time and this time , Forrest Gump was released in 1994, even some one out of curiosity bought apple stock say even 100 of them would have been a quarter  millionaire atleast.
Good example for defining, investment in management.

Guys, I wrote this to remind myselves these points, I have evolved so much as an investor, I would love to share some of experiences with you all .. Make lots of money ... it's out there ..

Best Wishes