Saturday, September 14, 2013

Twitter IPO , are you IN or OUT ??

One More Social Media Mogul going into the Public Trading Space -- woot woot ( I Choose this color because it's the time to Twitter)

Twitter filed to SEC on this day of Friday 13th September 2013, Hushed up all the way until today about going public., Wow!! what a way Twitter does things amazed by the way they keep things under control and not get the proto types get leaked, Sorry!! They don't make products, Apple does , My Silly Jokes .. Sorry!! for the Interruption. Back to Twitter and doing things they do it, They have been talks going public way long back when I did not even have a gmail account, Sorry!! Twitter is not that old, pretty much way back from now.

Operations, Twitter is mass communicating messaging system with options to post pictures, Tony Wiener did once, still haunting him., Sorry!! about that posting pictures thing Mr. Wiener  It's powerful, It has the potential to move Stock Markets, shake regimes, bring people to send messages to the world with  one tweet. 

Audience ranging from celebrities to any one who has  a gps device (one more unintended joke) , any one who has a mobile phone with active connection. Potential is huge the market is still getting used to tweeting, the creators of this humongous platform have found ways to nestle their business plan between the daily user activity and mobile platform, ads and tweets that are customized to be a promotion and revenues from product makers.

Long run vision, I can guess not be sure about, growth is related to mobile usage totally, If only Twitter could make their business strategy to capture all that businesses could provide and connect business to consumer they could access tons of Money from direct source being the only medium as of now that could directly talk to each other via twitter. MOBILE is what they should be capturing. 

Groupon,Facebook,Yelp, LivingSocial, all do the same, But Twitter has more mojo to what they can do with what they have, You know what 10 billion dollar evaluation is what every Pre-IPO evaluators are looking at 670 million dollars in revenue (not confirmed). for a 670 million dollar company in the market evaluation the stocks currently are trading at 25-30 dollar range, I believe they would be launched at the same range, I can be wrong. I am a normal twitter user with a fan following of 60+ but who cares join me @ my twitter handle.

As I always say, buy and see, If gained happy for you, If lost you are with me . Your decision is final.