Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gene in the bottle (Alibaba IPO) is OOOUT and Flying

Much anticipated IPO Alibaba founded by Jack Ma (English Teacher) from China Mainland. Initial days of Alibaba Yahoo invested in Alibaba @25% . Current evaluation of the Firm is sized at 190 billions (Fluid estimate), growing faster than anyone can imagine. 

If amazon is the biggest online retail traded firm, Alibaba is combination of 9 amazons. Imagine that.

Actual companies List, Please find below.

It's a very good concept of Business to Business model spread in combination of countries and territories. Alibaba's 1 day sale over the period of 24 hours ($5.75 Billion). Potential for Yahoo is way more .

I believe there is a tremendous amount of growth for this stock . Alibaba's growth oriented management is doing great wonders with the business model and acquiring strong leaders.

Alibaba's Corporate mission :

  1. Client First
  2. Employee Second
  3. ShareHolders Third 
The thing that is impressive from the founder is he says I want every one wealthy trust us, and one more thing observed his 6000 of his employees/associates are becoming millionaires from this IPO.

I feel if Client and Employee Happy, Obviously shareholder don't have to worry about the management.

Things are looking exciting for the online retail industries with a potential reach to more audiences as the smart phone market tied up to Mobile commerce, process of buying and selling is click of button away.

Alibaba's 15 year back start has long ways to go --

Wish you best all share holders.

Note ** Opinions are purely personal :) You earn am happy, you loose am with you too