Monday, May 20, 2013

I believed in the Saying "Find , Where you Lost" , FNMA & My Story

Way back 2009, I started my stock trading with Fannie Mae stocks, I traded when the stock was around 23 dollars , which I felt was the 52 week low, I was in impression as any mediocre Investor would be, Thinking it is too big to go lower than that, At the same time I was facing financial troubles with Job slipping away from my hand, and a heavy mortgage, As much I was a fighter to hold what I had I was seeing my financial situation slip away from me, hoping to cash in some gains out of my savings, I started to put in more in Fannie Mae all my analysis was going wrong markets were out of control, then I got so annoyed and angry  that I wrote this article back in 2010, venting my anger that I will not buy any more of Fannie Mae.

If you want to hear me sob, read this post.

Continuing my regular life , moved into rental place after letting my possession of dream home, I compromised with life and downgraded myself. It's too big to hold for me at that moment of time, as things moved my investments in Tech stocks and other investments got me some liquid to hold on to, Like it or not the pretty anchors, the bald guys, the tuxedo news reader who read what the market can be with out thinking much speak to us, not all that comes out their mouth is true.,  Hoping to get zest of what they say, back of my mind I was always wandering about housing situation, as old sayings said, when It will fall It will bring everything down with it, but when It raises It will pull some of the hardworking with it.

Back to my article, last few months back I made a gut choice to pull in 10k of stocks for .39 cents, hoping I will loose all of it, Few weeks passed I for once was  amazed the return from a trade, when going gets tough, tough get going -- I will not loose trust on the fundamentals that made USA strong, I am an immigrant but have lot of respect for this country.

This is 2013 May 22nd, I hope to predict there is bright future for Housing market and US Economy showing a very positive sign,

With Love best wishes

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